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No New Posts what the he// is going on with this search (Preview) CAPP 0 1357
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No New Posts eBay Listens to Customers, Retires Old Search Engine (Preview) CAPP 2 1672
No New Posts "Best Match" down? seems to be strictly "time left" (Preview) CAPP 0 1025
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No New Posts Tonight's Inside Joke: Project Cassini (Preview) CAPP 0 1983
No New Posts eBay Confirms Completed Item Glitch (Preview) CAPP 0 971
No New Posts ebaY’s Search is Hopelessly Broken (Preview) CAPP 13 7651
No New Posts eBay Overstates Selling Prices in Search Results (Preview) CAPP 2 1388
No New Posts ebaY search results now showing truncated descriptions (Preview) CAPP 0 1016
No New Posts eBay Partially Rolls Out Cassini Next-Gen Search Engine (Preview) CAPP 0 1074
No New Posts ebaY Getting Frantic with Features: 'More Like This and Search Follies (Preview) CAPP 1 1512
No New Posts ebaY Search Fail: Related Terms (Preview) CAPP 0 984
No New Posts eBay CEO John Donahoe Opens Up About Search (Preview) CAPP 2 1449
No New Posts Listings on Austrailia site are gone (magically vanishing before your eyes!) (Preview) CAPP 2 1029
No New Posts Will Cassini's Arrival Save eBay Search? (Preview) CAPP 1 2312
No New Posts Ebay’s Secret Cassini Launch (Preview) CAPP 0 1135
No New Posts eBay's Hugh Williams Explains Cassini Search, Part One (Preview) CAPP 3 1314
No New Posts Cassini Coming to Germany Soon (Preview) CAPP 0 1426
No New Posts Ebay Test: Hide Listings from Search (Preview) CAPP 0 1050
No New Posts eBay Grants Itself Permission to Hide Listings in Search Results (Preview) CAPP 11 2265
No New Posts eBay Sellers Theorize on Reasons for Low Sales (Preview) CAPP 6 2088
No New Posts ebaY Removes Advanced Search by Bidder Feature (Preview) CAPP 1 1361
No New Posts David Oritz Ebay Beard Ball Auction Highlights Hidden Listings (Preview) CAPP 0 1066
No New Posts eBay’s Latest Search Technologies Deliver More Targeted Results (Preview) CAPP 0 1060
No New Posts eBay Practice of Displaying Unsold Listing as Sold Is Deceiving (Preview) CAPP 0 909
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