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Post Info TOPIC: Will Cassini's Arrival Save eBay Search?

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Will Cassini's Arrival Save eBay Search?



Don the space waders! If the complete redesign and constant, neverending tweaking of appearance and functionality, such as the complete and dubious removal of the wildcard * asterisk feature, autocomplete (mindreading) search box action is NOT Cassini, then what is it? Does that mean they are still trying to fix a search engine they are in the process of replacing? (Voyager, or 'Best match')

Oh my, this is starting to look like the 5 year quest to bleed you out slowly, while saying and/or doing anything along the way to keep you following that shiny suckerbait lure, always conveniently just out of reach. Even if that means telling investors one thing and the populous another.

 We're talking unrivaled troll job! Dayam! Trolling for dollars. Your dollars. In return you get less quality of service and showered with warm golden ebay love

And with the constant changes without explanation , suggestions, solutions that go nowhere etc, all along the way they've been breeding races of space-mutant-superstitious pigeons.  

The search/visibility issues seem to be worldwide and curiously timed. with major active/hot threads in the USA, the UK and Australia

Are people really expected to believe all these events, observations and data converging in one cluster of Cartesian coordinates across every conceivable plane, axis and/or dimension is mere coincidence? and not surmise a connection, a cause and effect relationship?

Oh my, maybe everyone needs to sort of get back to basics. You know, sort of brush up on their reeling and writhing and rithmetic, of course, for extra credit, derision, ambition and uglification. Chop Chop!

Or just cut to the quick and read their very own statements and examine their actions on these and related matters. It's no mystery. If they can save a nickel (or a billion of them) by cheating you, do you believe they will?

Why would ebay fix a thing when they know people will keep spending money & time with them despite the seriously and highly visible declining value/quality of the service? All they need to do is to keep casting a glimmer of  hope. Classic con game tactics or purposeful psychological manipulations geared towards profit for less (or none) service, imo.

 So much of what they do seems to fit the textbook definition of a racket. Along with the added 'feature' of having the user agreement rigged to disallow class action lawsuits (and therefore feasible corrective relief for obvious victims) 

Put simply, there is no incentive for ebay to deliver what they advertise/promise. There is no deterrent to abuse, with weak explanations and phony apologies, blame games, movable goalposts etc.  Incredulous! bwhahahahahaha!!!

Reminds me of the seller protection fiasco... How long has that gone on for, no I mean really?

This Cassini-Houdini thingy may seem to have magical or a space theme (in the Twilight Zone) with all the flap etc but it has decidedly medieval-feudal  undertones as well.

example indicated: serfdom, pronounced "surf dumb"






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Exposing the sleazery of ebaY and PayPal


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Thu June 20 2013 21:41:13

Will Cassini's Arrival Save eBay Search?

By: Ina Steiner



...There's a lot of misinformation about eBay's "next generation" search platform - some sellers believe eBay has already launched it fully on the site and have been blaming it for low traffic to their listings.

In fact, there are many threads on eBay discussion boards written by sellers about falling traffic and sales, and we hear the same from readers....


Exposing the sleazery of ebaY and PayPal


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