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Post Info TOPIC: Fraud: Someone opened an account with my name and Ebay makes me pay Fees

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Fraud: Someone opened an account with my name and Ebay makes me pay Fees

Yet another recent example of sleazepal improper collections tactics:


Fraud: Someone opened an account with my name and Ebay makes me pay Fees

Jun 22, 2013 12:50 PM

Recently eBay contacted me telling me that they have found an account that is linked to my name and they are asking me to pay for the fees that were never payed.  They say the account opened used my name and my past address (13 years old past) and opened the account at the end of last year and it was recently closed a couple months ago because of nonpayment of fees.  So they linked the account to mine and now they claim that I owe these unpaid seller fees.  


First of all, it is way to easy to open up an ebay account under someone else's name and address and start selling.  There is nothing done to verify that this is the real person or if this is their real address.  Finding someone with an eBay accounts name and address would be very easy.  A person could buy a small, inexpensive item and then you will know the name and address of someone with an email account.  Then you could create a fraudulent account like in my case, sell a bunch of stuff, and then the person whos account was used on the name would be responsible for the fees.  


Anyways, I have tried to talk with eBay on the phone and they arent being very helpful.  I asked if they could give me more information on the account that was linked to mine (since apparently it is my account) but they wouldn't give me anything more than the email address used.  I asked if I could get a login password to this account (since it's apparently mine) and they said it could only be reset to the email that is on file which is ridiculous because it's NOT my email address so if it would be reset, it would just go back to the person that created the fraudulant account.  I also asked if they could investigate the email address used on the account and determine through paypal if the name is the same as mine and they said they didn't have that information.  This again seems crazy because in this case of fraud, they should attempt to take more action and catch these people rather than putting my account on hold.


Well I'm just frustrated and not sure what to do now.  I really don't want to pay fees that were not mine but I use my ebay account pretty often.  But really, what stops this from happening again.  eBay in this case is taking the side of the defrauders and just trying to collect fees from wherever they can.  I've been an eBay user for around 13 years and have perfect feedback.    If anyone has anything they think I could try to get this taken care of please let me know what you think.  


This can easily happen to anyone.







A bit later in the thread is this simple explanation of the situation, which has oft been repeated:

....eBay will claim an "unidentified" account A is linked to someone else's account B and while they fully expect account B to PAY off account A's "debt", they flatly refuse to give any info on account A to the holder of account B because it's "confidential"....


Can you trust ebaY and paypal?


Exposing the sleazery of ebaY and PayPal


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