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Post Info TOPIC: Hold placed on my account for just CALLING about my sales limit

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Hold placed on my account for just CALLING about my sales limit

Be on the lookout.

This has every appearance of a scam. I think you'll see some real eye openers if you peruse the search. Here's the first example, but there are many more, some very recent ones, you'll see.

Never, ever send any sensitive info via fax, especially if the fax machine is some public fax or otherwise outside your direct control and/or supervision. No company with a lick of sense about the safety and security of your personal, confidential info would make such a request. Again a fax machinee retains everything sent & received for anyone to come along.

Also note that the reports of various telephone/ebay/paypal scams by perwsons with foreign accents etc has been on the rise recently. Even conflicting info from ebaY about telemarketing calls allegedly placed by [supposed] ebay employees. Perhaps, due to ebay/paypal's recent User Agreement Terms regarding telemarketing calls, a data breach, employee fraud etc.  I've had a few people searching for terms related land on my blog, so I can tell there's more to it. Terms like fake ebay customer service scams.



Hold placed on my account for just CALLING about my sales limit


Apr 27, 2013 02:07 PM


Today I found out eBay has limitations on sellers - how many items you can sell and how much gross revenue you can receive in a month.


 So I called in to eBay support, asked them about increasing my sales limit, and they transferred me to a Shelly W in the some "seller account verification" department.


 Shelly told me that sure, they could look into raising my sales limit, but first they would have to put my entire account on hold while they did that. I wouldn't be able to list new items, and I wouldn't be able to edit my existing listings.


 I said, no thanks, I'll just keep my limit where it is for now, and I'll let you know when's a good time to put my account on hold.


 She said tough beans, you already called us, so we're going to put your account on hold anyway whether you like it or not. I have 200+ feedback, have been selling on eBay for years, 100% positive feedback, and I was penalized for simply asking to raise my seller limit! Nowhere does it say that by simply calling eBay will you have your entire seller account frozen. Is this even legitimate? Right now is the worst time for this to happen - entirely unexpected, rude, and damaging to my business.




I need to know from an experienced seller or an official eBay manager - is calling eBay a crime? Why am I having my seller account frozen for simply CALLING eBay?



Here is her email. I've Googled this, and I haven't seen anything like this at all. Anywhere.






Begin quote-----------




This message is to notify you that your listing activity has been placed on a temporary hold.



As part of our efforts to keep eBay a safe and enjoyable place to buy and sell, we may sometimes ask members to verify the information registered with us or provide us with more information about the items being sold. These actions are not necessarily meant to be a reflection of your accounts activity, but rather a preventative measure.


In order for us to review your account, I need to ask you to submit all of the following information by fax (fax number below):



- A readable copy of your driver's license, front *and* back, or other government-issued ID.


- A copy of a recent credit card statement, bank statement, or utility bill. Your name and billing address should be visible, and consistent with the information registered to your eBay account.



- Receipts or invoices for the items recently listed for sale on eBay. (Unfortunately, we will be unable to accept photos of the items to fulfill this requirement.)




-- Important --



- Make sure that your name and User ID appears on each document that you submit. If this information is not included, it cannot be processed.




- Be sure your submitted documents are current, valid, and legible.



Fax all documents to:




ATTN:  Seller Vetting


US number: 1-801-206-7562


International number: 001-801-206-7562



If you dont have access to a fax machine there are many places that will allow you to fax documents for free or for a small fee. Some of these places include Fedex Office, Staples, or local libraries. There are also some websites that will allow you to transmit a fax electronically.



After you submit the above information, please allow 3 business days to have this information reviewed but once that process has been completed well contact you by email regarding the status of your account.


We appreciate your cooperation in providing us with this information. We look forward to partnering with you in order to establish a strong selling history and successful business on eBay.


Kind Regards,


Shelly W

End quote -----------



Phishing, anyone?




Exposing the sleazery of ebaY and PayPal



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the exact same thing happend to me just a couple of days ago. I have an ebay account for 10 years now.....!!!! now they are asking me for identifcation and to appeal. What is the process with your status right now?


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huntclub1990 wrote:


the exact same thing happend to me just a couple of days ago. I have an ebay account for 10 years now.....!!!! now they are asking me for identifcation and to appeal. What is the process with your status right now?

 Hi there. Before you start faxing your info to gawd only knows where, I would search the web for that number.

There's been some scrubbing of content from the web regarding it since this was first posted. If you search carefully you can still find remnants of some very ugly stuff about the number and our fiends at ebaY.

In general terms, never ever fax personal confidential info to anyone you do not have 100% confidence in, and only from a machine you have complete control over.

ebaY is busy killing off big chunks of it's membership for little to no reason. Maybe you don't know it yet, but are are one of the 15,000 killed off last week for DSR scores claimed to be below standard?

You may want to consider never using them lest you get thrown into some form of stress filled indentured servitude/ Peonage.

If they are holding your money unlawfully, contact the agency in your state that handles Money Transmitter licenses and complain to them. Otherwise you're at the mercy of ebay-paypal to jump through endless hoops.

One of the great classic scams by them is requests for such info, followed by claims that they never received it. When you fax  or otherwise convey the info, they'll claim they didn't get it or move the goalposts and ask for other info/ requirements etc.

Whatever they can do to confuse and confound you until you finally give up from stress

Good luck.





-- Edited by budnonymous on Wednesday 14th of August 2013 07:11:12 AM


Exposing the sleazery of ebaY and PayPal


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