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Post Info TOPIC: 1860 civil war rogers and spenser cap and powder pistol for Sale on ebaY

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1860 civil war rogers and spenser cap and powder pistol for Sale on ebaY

I'm pretty sure this would be against ebaY rules, as well as possibly state and/or federal laws. In at least one state, for sure this is considered a full blown firearm, under law.

There have been numerous complaints about sellers banned fore attempting to list vintage toy cap guns, even with the red/orange safety plug and so on.

Note that the seller has a zero feedback score, although registered for about 2 years plus. Does Cassini or whatever safety/banned item filters look the other way for new sellers, so as to not cause a bad seller experience right off the bat?

Speaks to the quality and precision of ebaY's Grim Reaper/PurgeBot, programming, and personnel.

There must be better ways to sell this type of thing, given the fake ID situation at ebaY and Paypal.


1860 civil war rogers and spenser cap and powder pistol


1860 Civil War Rogers and Spenser Cap and Powder Pistol I eBay_20131011_640c.png






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Exposing the sleazery of ebaY and PayPal


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Just for fun I searched quickly for full auto conversion and got results. Not sure the legalities and/or ebaY rules on that, but it seems hard to justify the need, other than for killing people? I guess things like that are OK by ebaY? After all, look what they've been doing with the purges/ small seller /sacred cattle sacrifices.


full auto conversion I eBay_20131011_480c.png

Also tried 50 round magazine etc but came up dry, this time. There's been plenty on there in days past.



Exposing the sleazery of ebaY and PayPal


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So here is the Firearms, weapons, and knives policy:

Policy overview

Most weapons can't be listed on eBay because of strict federal and state government regulations and international laws banning the sale of these items. Please review the list of items below to find out what you can and can't sell on eBay.

For certain types of weapons and weapon-related accessories, sellers have to follow our guidelines, as well as meet the following requirements:

  • The item is listed only on the eBay US site.

  • The seller is located in the US

  • The item is also in the US

  • The seller offers only domestic shipping for the item, since international shipping would make the item available in countries where it might be prohibited.

  • The item complies with California law on the sale of weapons.

Make sure your listing follows these guidelines. If it doesn't, it may be removed, and you may be subject to a range of other actions, including limits of your buying and selling privileges and suspension of your account.

What are the guidelines?



Actual firearms can't be listed on eBay. However, many parts and accessories for firearms are OK to sell, but only under certain conditions detailed in our Firearm parts and accessories section. See the list below for more details.


Not allowed

  • Firearms regardless of their ability to fire, how old they are, or their status as collectibles

  • Powerheads, stick guns, or their equivalents because they work like firearms

  • Starter pistols or blank guns, regardless of their markings

  • Pin fire guns

  • Zip guns

Firearms, weapons, and knives policy_20131012_c.png



However, where I found the tip about this, it is being said that efforts to use the report feature lead to a greyed or blocked out button and no actual report item able to be successfully filed. One can't help but wonder why that may be?


Ebay is now permiting weapons to be posted?

10-10-2013 08:51 AM

So I see a fully operational black powder pistol listed and when I go to flag it the listing practices violation button is blocked out and only the picture violation buttons are available, which does not apply. Ebay must be allowing guns now, they were just doing this for certain people listing BB guns but the black powder pistol seller has a rating of 0.  #261303675006


( a bit further down, another poster confirms the same unusual report malfunction)

Ebay is now permiting weapons to be posted__20131012_480c.png


Exposing the sleazery of ebaY and PayPal


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