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Post Info TOPIC: FAKE, Non Paying buyers and NOT on Ebay's list of IDS???

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FAKE, Non Paying buyers and NOT on Ebay's list of IDS???

One of the more bizzarre reports...

fwiw the ID mentioned is active and apparently a serial NPB

FAKE, Non Paying buyers and NOT on Ebay's list of IDS???

Dec 30, 2012 02:04 PM

I am SO sick of the non-paying FAKE bidders.  I sold TWO items to one buyer.  He never paid for the first item, I filed an unpaid report (and have until Monday to close).  I did not notice he also bid on another item, and won it, too.

 Sent revised invoice and said why didn't you tell me you bid on second item I would have waited?  Please pay both, now.  No response.  This "buyer" has 3 feedbacks - ONE was from a seller who gave positive BUT said it was NON_PAYING bidder and beware.  ID is new as of Nov. 30, 2012.  No history of other IDs.  The other two feedbacks appear to be reral - in that they came several days AFTER the transaction closed - not instant feedbacks, and are from two different sellers.

 Now - I go to look up the buyer nicknazarov 11 (no space) on the list of IDs and IT DOES NOT EXIST!  NO ID with nicknazarov with, or without numbers exists.  I look up their email address (via the bid page info and it's nicknazarov111 at rocketmail) - NON-EXISTING email address (per Google using quotes and not using quotes.)    I will NOT send an email to this addy, due to possible fraud!  The physical address they have to send the items is in Florida.  I look up the name and address - and LO AND BEHOLD - It's a SHERIFF in Pinellas County.

 I do NOT believe it is actually the sheriff - but a stolen name & addy.  The name is also of a dead person in TX.  VERY unique name, BTW, so it was easy to look up.  The name is different from the ebay ID of Nick Nazarov, but also Russian.  I am going to CONTACT the cop tomorrow, and let him know.

 These are NOT amss produced items!  One was for threee little vintage Santa ornaments,and the other wasffor a OOAK Booklet from the movie Frontier Gal from 1945, so they are not a competitor.

 WHY do they do this - this is NOT the first phony buyer who has done this to me!  They never respond and my items are held hostage for as long as the case takes to close in ebay's less-than-stellar system.

 I called ebay before on one of these that WAS using a dead person's information!  I had all the proof I eneeded to show that the person they claimed to be was actually DEAD - and the mailing address on the ID DID NOT EXIST!  Even the street name they used DID NOT EXIST!  Could NOT verify the phone number because you could not LOOK UP THE ID INFORMATION!  Ebay said well, sometimes they are not in the system,...  Also that the ebay ID was fake and DID NOT EXIST in ebay's system!  The email was FAKE, too.  Ebay refused to do ANYTHING!

 HOW does this happen and more importantly - WHY????  And why won't ebay do anything about them?  They all seem to have either NO feedback or EXACTLY three feedbacks.

 Anyone esle have this experience?  WHY do they do this?  I can't WAIT to call the cop - I hope he sues.


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