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Post Info TOPIC: R E A L L Y bad news for sellers

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R E A L L Y bad news for sellers

It's already beginning to look like it will be a wonderful Holiday season on ebaY!


R E A L L Y bad news for sellers

Nov 9, 2012 12:05 AM

I was looking at a listing, then clicked on the seller's other items. I checked out a couple of other auctions, then from that list (the seller's other items) I clicked on the original listing, intending to go back and bid on it.


I got a page with this message at the top.


Item (Original Item Number) is no longer available.


25 items found similar to (Original Item Title)


This was followed by several listings, the first 3 being from that seller. THE FIRST ONE SHOWN IS THE ORIGINAL LISTING. It still has 20+ hours to run. There were also several listings on the recommended list that had very little in common with what I was looking at.


Here's the worst part. When I attempted to click on the item directly from that list of "similar items" I kept ending up on the error page. I also tried entering the auction number in the I'm Looking For box at the top of the page. Again, I couldn't get to the listing, although I am able to click on the seller's other 2 auctions and go directly to them.


I have not checked by using a different browser or closing and re-opening Ebay because a buyer won't be expected to do that.


If they can't get back to your auction because Ebay says it doesn't exist and has somehow broken the link, they'll move on.

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Exposing the sleazery of ebaY and PayPal


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But don't worry, it's not an isolated complaint... weird shizzle happening all over.

hahahaha! EbaY, iz yoo hacked or just borked beyond all repair? (Does it matter? ) Freakin' blivet! LoLz!


So I posted the following problem -


The search feature will show all ending soonest auction sorted by "ending soonest as completed and ended few hours ago while they are not.


It does not happen on every computer. I did check 18, of which 3 at home, 3 at the library, 4 at different friends house, 7 with strangers at the local coffe shop.


Each of them using Explorer and of those 14 computers were showing that the listings ended while the auctions were still well and okay.


What is going on? We are all loosing money including ebay.

How anyone who is infrequently bidding is supposed to know that the ended item is still active? even those wo are frequent bidders have no idea unless they click into the listing.


I noticed one consistent pattern - all the listings that shows you ended listings at the top of the active search list for any item will

have the two additonal link that were not there before and are not on the computers that are showing correct ending times -

those features are - two links right on the top above the first item on the list - sold listings and completed listings.

You don't have those links in the no-problem search page.

If you see those links on your page you are in trouble just like me.


Now, I really don't understand why this is not being fixed since the first time I reported this was about 2 months ago and I have reported it few times ever since. All my posts quickly and magically dissapeared not without someone from ebay first posting things like - I don't knwo what you are talking about I see everhything correctly...


I contacted few sellers and asked to test this and they all had the same problem as me, they saw the same thing in more then 9 to 10 cases.


So it is true that not eveyone has this issue but most people do!


So why this is not being fixed!

I don't know what people using Firefox see but this is what most Explorer users do see.


How the auction suppose to attract last minute bidders if they show auction as ended.



And lastly why Ebay is punishing me for trying to help?

I noticed the following pattern

  1. my posts dissapear
  2. I can't access forums for days in a row
  3. my listings are not showing in search results
  4. my sells go down as we speak every time I post something


so do they really retaliate? why? I mean I really am trying to help the community and them. I can't believe that the ebay that is attracting so many peole becuase it is a reputable auction site can afford to have this kind of glitch in the system! right at the heart - ending soonest auctions!


Do and run a search for .. I don't know.. Barbie Doll?

you will get 400 000 plus search results, then do sort them by "ending soonest" and do check the top of the listing!!!

do you see "ended today" where the time shows to the auction end? no? you are fine, yes, you are seeign what most buyers see..


So much of everyone complainign of no sales this period.


It is really bad for business.


Thank you ebay, please rather do contact me and answer the issue istead of just pulling the plug on my voice.


Really not nice.


Thank you very much.



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Exposing the sleazery of ebaY and PayPal


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