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Customer Service - Paypal

These complaint sites are growing in number and getting full of anti-eb and anti paypal comments all over, from people who never even heard of "paypalsucks" or visited the rigged and shill-filled eb communty forums.

But just how retarded is paypal?
On this consumer complaint site they actually had the nerve to send an employee (or bot?) to spew the same company buzz phrases, misleading or moot stats/facts, and pettifogging blabber in defense of their atrocious service and illegal/unlawful policies.

But have a look at some of these other statements
(emphasis and paragraph breaks here mine)

As a customer service rep for PayPal, I understand the frustration. I also understand online buying/selling online is a risk. Unfortunately the statistics show that 74% of all people prefer to use a alias name online to hide their identity.

I spend the majority of my shifts talking with frustrated buyers, and sellers, who are opening accounts with fictitous names and addresses.

We do not have a face to face business, and all is fine until a customer has a issue. When compiling customer information, we find out that they used bogus info. We usually flip the coin on a dispute towards the person who has a good history, and who has not given made up info.

If you open a PP account using false info, and file a dispute, unfortunately we cannot just say o well you lied to us, and now we trust everything you tell us regarding your transaction.

Bottom line is we service 80 million users, and we process online payments. We protect all financial info provided, and request only that you have a secure password, but if you do not and someone logs into your account, you are guaranteed to have all funds reversed, and you never have to worry about losing your personal info.

Buyers never pay a fee, and have the easiest most protected way to process purchases.

As a seller you have 80 million shoppers, and if you deliver your goods, or services as promised you will have the most economical, user friendly payment processor.

Just think if there was no PayPal.(10 years ago) Could you just start selling online, and or buying with confidence. No. Waiting 4-7 day for a check in the mail, then the seller had to wait 5-10 days for a check to clear, and then they would ship (another 2-4 days). This means every online purchase would take atleast 18 days to process orders.

94% of PayPal sellers, can ship within 24 hours, they do not have to go to the bank, and will have the funds in their personal bank in usually 4 days. If they have the free PP debit card. they could withdraw the funds at any ATM within minutes from receiving payment.

I have only been with this company for only a year, but could not be happier with the commitment to ensuring a safe shopping/selling experience for all.

We take protecting customers against fraud very seriously, and do everything possible to stay ahead of the fraudsters. Can we stop every bad seller, or buyer? No!
Will we do our best? Yes!!

For all of the frustrated customers, I hoped to help you in the future.

Dehor4 4/4/10 9:20PM


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Exposing the sleazery of ebaY and PayPal


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A consumer complaint site where an apparent former employee throws some stinky dirt on Paypal. (Emphasis mine)

Rita replied on March 19, 2009 11:26
Yes Adam, you are quite correct. Paypal is a SCAM.
I worked for Paypal and I can prove it.

Here is an example. I had a buyer who claimed that they did not receive the item. The seller could not provide postage and under 'normal' circumstances, Paypal would side on behalf of the buyer and refund the money. However this particular buyer had used an echeck method of payment and therefore Paypal themselves were not protected. I was told by my supervisor that I HAD to side with the seller (who incidentally had not sent out the goods) and release the funds !!

The buyer was out of pocket and the fraudulent seller was laughing all the way to the bank.

When I questioned this and other issues to senior management, I was reminded in no uncertain terms that I had to look out for the company and NOT the customer.

- Paypal only look after themselves and this is what we were told continually by management. There are even memo's going round drumming it into you.

I actually overhead one senior manager boasting about how Paypal were going to go down in history as one of the biggest 'Madoff's' of all time.

Here's another example :-
Funds frozen for 'security reasons'. You are then asked to forward all manner of documentation to 'unfreeze' the account. This is a total joke. I worked on this and again we were trained to find the absolutely minor of issues NOT to unfreeze the account.

Senior management worked on a bonus scheme for money held in the 'happy days account' as they call it.

This is a high interest bearing account that is paid out regularly to High ranking Senior Management - All perefectly legal of course !!

I could go on and on. Make no mistake, millions of people are writing off relatively small amounts (av. $150) daily.

Paypal are becoming a dangerous and powerful organisationan and no one can take them on. My advice is to stay well clear.

Name withheld for fear of safety


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The video referenced on the page:


Exposing the sleazery of ebaY and PayPal


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